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Retirement Appointments (Federal)

Retirement Appointments (Federal)

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These FEDERAL RETIREMENT APPTS are better for fact-finding and selling retirement products like Annuities to Federal Employees.

Here is how you will receive your appointments:

These Retirement Appointments target Federal Employees such as Department of Justice, Military, Attorneys, Civil Workers, and any form of Federal Employee. We set pre-booked appointments on your calendar with the following verbiage:

  • Investment Advice
  • Retirement Question
  • Social Security/Medicare
  • Rollover Question
  • Asset Range?

The average amount of assets for these Federal Employees is around $250,000. (some more, some less - sometimes an appointment may have very little money saved up for Retirement and then the very next appointment may have a lot saved up)

Here is how the Federal Employee is prompted to schedule:

  • Consultation with an independent advisor, planner, or agent to discuss their retirement plan and pension options.
  • There are disclaimers in Calendly event, marketing collateral, clearly stating you are not with the university or state government agencies

Info the agent/advisor will receive before the appointment:

  • Age (this is optional)
  • Name 
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Select all that apply: Investment Advice, Retirement Question, Social Security/Medicare, Rollover Question, Asset Range?

*You have to select at least 3 states at a minimum, and we will generate you appts in those states. The more states, the easier the fulfillment will be!



After purchasing, our onboarding team will reach out to get you all setup. We walk thru the details of the program, and get your calendly setup. Please be patient, as these specific appointments are in VERY HIGH DEMAND.

Please allow at least 5 business days turnaround time after we complete your onboarding to start seeing any activity. 

We require the following Minimum availability: 3 - 30 min slots, 4 days per week. If the client does not have this availability, Cody Askins LLC will fulfill as many appointments as possible, but cannot guarantee the full ordered amount.

*1st appointment is a phone call, then any follow up meeting can be call or Zoom... prospects can book up to 45 days in advance, with a 30 minute appointment time, and 15 minute buffer after appointment time. We've found that the further out a prospect books, the more confident they are that that appointment time works. They've actually looked at their calendar and decided that a later appointment is best for them.

  • We target Federal employees via email marketing and other sources to have them book directly on the Advisors calendar.
  • We encourage them to book a consultation with an independent advisor, to discuss their Retirement plan and pension options.
  • Appointments are added to your calendar in real time.


  1. Standard show rate is around 75%. We will replace up to 25% of no-shows and we will over deliver by up to 5 more Appointments than you purchase. 
  2. Appointments canceled by the agent and not rescheduled will not be replaced. A no-show is qualified as a lead that does not attend the appointment and does not reschedule or respond to the agent within 48 hours of the appointment time. (48 hour minimum to mark as a no-show)
  3. The agent is not to cancel any appointment, or it will count against them. The prospect must cancel using the cancellation link. (link in reminder emails)

Our replacement policy is different for our Retirement Appointments. Since we are generating appointments instead of "leads", we will replace up to 25% of no-shows and we will ONLY over-deliver by up to 5 appointments. 

***Cody Askins LLC reserves the right to remove an agent from the program at any time for failing to follow instructions.

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