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The CABOOM Bombs:

TCPA Compliant

We use TCPA Compliant language and include the agents name in the verbiage before the checkbox and submit button. Most vendors forms are NOT compliant. BE CAREFUL!

FCC 1to1 Consent

Rather than running 1 funnel and then round robining the leads amongst several agents, which will soon be uncompliant, we build a new lead campaign for every single agent so it is entirely customized to you. This also satisfies the new FCC 1-to-1 consent that is coming soon.

Choose Start Date

You can choose when you'd like your lead order to start...

Transparent Ads

We utilize very honest, direct, and transparent ad copy. We never say anything is free, we use the word insurance, affordable, and never say anything state related...

13-14 Data Fields

We get 13-14 form fields with every single lead, which is much higher than the competition. This increases lead quality quite a bit and becomes more of a higher-intent long form type of survey lead.

2 Phone Numbers

We require 2 phone numbers with every single lead, a main contact number and a secondary phone number. We even say: "if we can't reach you, we can't help you"

Mention Agents Name 8+ Times

We mention the agents name 8+ times throughout the entire lead funnel, thank you page, text, and email process.

Add Your Picture

You can upload your picture and we will include it in the lead funnel process, to increase trust.

NPN (National Producer Number)

Including your NPN (National Producer Number) at the end of the funnel and the follow up messages to the client is our way of increasing their trust in you and making you more credible right off the bat.

Text the Prospect

We text the prospective lead immediately to let them know that you will be contacting them soon and we mention your name 2 more times.

Email the prospect

We are testing out some new email templates to be sure the prospect gets an email from you right away.

Inbound Calls

We can include your inbound call number as a click to call link to drive inbound calls... We typically see around 10% of your leads will call you directly.

Booked Appointments

You get to decide whether you want calls or bookings and then we can add your calendar link to everything to funnel you appointments automatically.

Email the Agent

We auto email you immediately when a new lead comes in... so you are aware instantly!

Text the Agent

Speed to lead is crazy important, which is why we text you immediately everytime a new lead comes in...

CRM Integration

Most vendors will not use your GHL API key and integrate directly into your crm for FREE... they normally charge for that extra work, we do not! CABOOM!

Buy Now, Pay Later Option

We have partnered with Shopify's Shop Pay to add a buy now, pay later option... if you qualify (find out at checkout) then you can make installment payments after your order.

  • Speed

    Cody loves SPEED! We are one of the fastest in the entire industry... and typically start working on your order within 24 hours.

  • Precision

    Excellent = Speed + Precision! We make sure every order is setup with extreme accuracy by going through our intense quality-control process.

  • Communication

    Communication is KEY! We alert you thru every step of the process from order received to campaign built to completion. We also alert the prospect who is calling them.

  • Quality

    If you see a certain type of lead on this site, then just know that it is PREMIUM! We produce transparent, quality leads that we can put the Cody Askins stamp of approval on.