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IUL Appointments

IUL Appointments

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Here is how you will receive your appointments:

These IUL Appointments target State Employees such as municipal workers, principals, teachers, police officers, and first responders. We set pre-booked appointments on your calendar with the following verbiage and questions:

  • Speak to a Pension Specialist
  • Have you ever understood what pension amount will be in your retirement?
  • Do you know with certainty if you are on track to retire on time?
  • Would you like to know if you could retire early by upgrading your Pension?

*The more states you select, the faster we will be able to fill your order.

After purchasing, you will receive an onboarding link. After you fill out your onboaridng link, then you receive access to a GoHighLevel based CRM, so you can connect your calendar, and report any no-shows inside your crm.

*We also include training videos, an entire presentation, and an IUL fact finder.

  • We target state employees via email marketing and other sources to have them book directly on the Advisors calendar.
  • We inform them about the importance of doing a Pension Review, so they are properly prepared for Retirement, when that day comes.
  • Appointments are added to your calendar in real time.

Our replacement policy is different for our IUL Appointments. Since we are generating appointments instead of "leads", we replace any cancelations and/or no-shows. 

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