Lead Replacement Policy

CABoom Leads is committed to providing you excellent lead generation and marketing services and makes every effort to ensure you get exactly what you have ordered.

However, due to the unpredictable nature of online data, there may be times when a lead you receive is not what you ordered, despite our best efforts. 

Conditions of our Lead Replacement Policy

  1. The leads must be a part of a Cost Per Lead Order.
  2. Some lead types require the Replacement Option be purchased for that order of leads. Replacements cannot be provided for the lead types that require the Replacement Option be purchased, but it was not.
    1. Exception: Any lead that is out of the target geographic territory will be replaced unless that lead is intended to be a Replacement Lead.
  3. We must receive the request for lead replacement within 48 hours of us delivering the last lead in your order. 
    1. Delivering a lead means placing the lead data onto the Google Sheet that has been shared with you.
  4. Requests for Lead Replacement outside of 48 hours of us delivering the last lead in your order will be denied.
  5. Leads that meet the following criteria are eligible for Lead Replacement if the Lead Replacement Policy has been purchased:
    1. No phone number
    2. Disconnected phone numbers
      1. Wrong phone numbers are not eligible for replacement
    3. Non-existent address
    4. Address is to a Commercial Business
    5. Duplicate lead in the same order
      1. Duplicate leads that are the result of different lead orders are not eligible for Lead Replacement
    6. Recruiting Leads: Agents who are already with the same insurance company as you.
  6. For Final Expense Leads - Leads where the person is Age 81 and Older.
  7. Leads that were provided as a Replacement Lead are not eligible to be replaced.
    1. To request replacements, please complete the Lead Replacement Form

      Conditions of our IUL Appointment Replacement Policy

      1. You are ordering appointments that are pre-booked on your calendar instead of leads.
      2. We replace any cancelations made by the prospect or any no-shows made by the prospect.
      3. To request replacements, you will report any no-shows in our GoHighLevel based CRM that you will receive a login to after filling out your onboarding link.

        Conditions of our Annuity Appointments Replacement Policy:

        1. Standard show rate is 80%-85%. We will replace up to 20% of no-shows and we will over deliver by up to 5 more Appointments than you purchase.
        2. Appointments canceled by the agent and not rescheduled will not be replaced. A no-show is qualified as a lead that does not attend the appointment and does not reschedule or respond to the agent within 48 hours of the appointment time. (48 hour minimum to mark as a no-show)
        3. The agent is not to cancel any appointment, or it will count against them. The prospect must cancel using the cancellation link. (link in reminder emails)